About Berim

Berim means 'let’s go' in farsi. Our mission is to identify, support and remove barriers for Iranian social entrepreneurs.

We work with artists, social innovators and thought leaders in Iran to help remove obstacles that stop their messages and initiatives being amplified. We work on issues such as climate change, health, job creation, education and conservation. 

We connect social entrepreneurs with experts and everyday citizens around the world so that they can exchange stories, insights, knowledge and resources to help improve their work. We also help provide pathways for everyday Iranians to share their stories so that we can all be more aware of the realities of contemporary Iran.

We believe that military conflict makes social innovation harder. That’s why we run campaigns to empower people around the world to understand and engage in foreign policy options towards Iran that avoid war and encourage discussions and debates. Our members support solutions that promote diplomacy and they hold their elected official to to account when they advocate for needless aggression and war.

We are a non-partisan movement.  We aren’t affiliated with any political party in Iran or around the world.




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