I support diplomacy with Iran!


After decades of silence, last night a deal was announced between Iran, the United States and members of the international community.

Although it’s just an interim six-month agreement, yesterday’s deal makes military action on Iran far less likely. 

It’s our responsibility to show our representatives that when they pursue diplomacy, we’re right behind them. The next 72 hours will be crucial. How this deal is received by the public will either create an incentive for leaders to continue to embrace diplomacy, or, if pro-war conservative lobby groups have their way, risks causing them to turn back.

Will you join our campaign on the right and show that there is overwhelming public support for diplomacy with Iran by sending a message to every U.S. Senator calling on them to support this deal and give diplomacy a chance to work? 



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The petition to Senators reads: 

"After decades of hostility, we've just witnessed a deal between the United States and Iran. This deal is a first step towards ensuring we don't get entangled in another senseless war in the Middle East. We call on you to publicly support the deal between the United States, Iran and the international community -- and be a champion for diplomacy."

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